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love and thanks.

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because you believed in me and saw me one step ahead-thank u

love and thanks.

David Heinlein. I still can't believe how we met at the concert in NY. God just put us together. Thank u David for your support and your constant vision of something bigger. I loved to come to your house and to learn from you, to work on the pictures for the Australian project and to get more and more inspired. David-I am so thankful-you are the best.

Sarah Ann Barlow. Before I came to your internship you were an unreachable star for me. I was always so amazed (and I still am) by your creativity and professionalism. Thank you for the best internship in Nashville. I love to hear you laugh and to learn so much from you. Not just photography, even more the happiness and joy.

Rudi Toews. Rudi-thank you for showing me the progress and growth you've made as a photographer. I am so blessed to see how you set up your own business-it encourages me a lot.

My Mom. You are the best. Because you always listen to me- no matter what. You gave me the possibility to discover what I wanna do long time ago. Thank you for letting me go. But you always give me this unchangeable love, which surrounds me. I love u mom.

My Dad. thank you Dad for showing me your love to photography. I'm still deeply touched when I see your old pictures. You gave me the view and the creativity and love to nature. It is so amazing how your passion became my own.

GOD. Wow. You're just so unbelievably good to me. All the beauty and the creation comes from You. Without You I couldn't do any step. Thank you JESUS for your plan-I trust in You.

And YOU-all my friends-for the continues support and all the feedback. I deeply love u all.