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my story.

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meine geschichte in deutsch

"I rather fail at something what I love than suceed at something I hate"

Jasmine Star

my story.

I remember how I was reading blogs and just looking through the pictures over and over again. I was so impressed. My friend and me spent hours talking about the colors and analyzing the pictures. I never thought to see myself taking pictures like that. Or even setting up my own business seemed to be an impossible, unreachable goal for me.

I used to have an office job, but it didn't fit me at all. I felt limited. I couldn't create anything new.

I took a year off and went to Long Island/NY. There I found it-photography.

All the locations: the beaches and the many faces of Manhattan inspired me so much. I was so amazed by the beauty and variety and the people, so I took a photography class in college. After a short time I started to work with David Heinlein-a commercial photographer.

This was just the first step to my new passion-photography.

At the end of the year, I had the chance to attend Sarah Ann Barlows internship program. I learned so much from her. I still can't believe I was one of her interns.

Now I am back in Germany. I am excited about the next steps.

Photography interconnects everything I deeply love: moments, traveling, beauty in nature and people.

I can see the world with different eyes. Intensive. Colorful. Complex and even more detailed. I can see people with their emotions. I see glance and reflexion. And finally LIFE itself.

Photography gives me a widened perspective of life.

This is just a beginning. I am looking forward to take all the upcoming challenges as a chance to grow and to explore even more.

In the end I just want to encourage you with my story to hold on to your dreams and your vision.

It is worth it.